Contacts & Staff

Irene K. Ssekyana
National Co-ordinator

Irene Ssekyana is an\r\nenvironmentalist whose work focuses on programme development, policy analysis,\r\nmonitoring and evaluation.

Harriet Bibangambah
Program/Research Officer
Harriet is a social scientist with keen interest in research and administration. She has focused on working on a wide range of research projects and employing a range of different methodologies.
Sarah Naigaga
Legal Associate


Sarah Naigaga is an Advocate of the\r\nHigh Court of Uganda. Her work has primarily focused on promoting and\r\nadvocating for public participation in development processes at both national\r\nand regional levels.


Samantha Atukunda
Legal Officer

Samantha is a lawyer with keen interest in Environmental Law.

Melody Kukundakwe
Communications Officer
Melody is a journalist with an excellent understanding of the media on a regional and national level. She has experience working in both print media and in communications and has published for a number of newspapers.