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Court Stops UWA from issuing pangolin licenses
Court has stopped the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) from issuing export licences for pangolin scales until March 9, when the case comes up for hearing. The registrar of the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala, Mr Festo Nsenga, issued the order on the prompting of the environmental lobby group, Greenwatch.

Greenwatch filed an application for interim order of injunction, seeking to restrain UWA from issuance of export licences. Mr Nsenga agreed to temporarily stop UWA, noting that Greenwatch's query is based on urgency, and that at this stage, court cannot probe the technicalities of the case.
"Interim order applications are premised on urgency and court cannot thus have the luxury of indulging in technical questions of law. In fact, courts are generally discouraged from indulging in questions of law or fact, in applications for injunctions in general," Mr Nsenga stated.

He agreed with submissions of Greenwatch's lawyers Sumaya Kasule and Samantha Atukunda that there is a pending application for temporary injunction and the main suit scheduled for April 20. The lawyers submitted that the application for temporary injunction and main suit would be rendered impractical, if the application for interim order of injunction was declined.

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By Juliet Kigongo, Daily Monitor
Posted 5th, March 2015
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