Public Participation in the management of the environment and natural resources

Greenwatch Uganda is an environmental rights advocacy Non-Government Organisation in Uganda with its secretariat in Kampala.

We promote public participation in the sustainable use, management and protection

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Children taking the lead in climate change activities

When children stand out and take the lead in issues usually expected to be taken on by the mature, it is a wake-up call to us all to play our part.
Two years ago, four minors alongside their friend Kenneth Kakuru and Greenwatch Uganda   filed a case against the Government of Uganda for its failure to institute enough measures to control the devastating effects of climate change in Uganda. This was one of the first initiatives by minors in Uganda to see that their right to a clean and healthy environment stated in the Ugandan Constitution is met.

Kaveera woes maybe history in six months

The one month ultimatum that the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources has given the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) and the environment ministry to ban the use of polythene bags commonly referred to as kaveera is a ray of hope to Ugandans to finally enjoy their right to a clean and healthy environment.