Public Participation in the management of the environment and natural resources

Greenwatch Uganda is an environmental rights advocacy Non-Government Organisation in Uganda with its secretariat in Kampala.

We promote public participation in the sustainable use, management and protection

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World Environment Day 5th June.

On 5th June, Uganda joined the rest of the world to celebrate World Environment day.  This year’s theme "Go Wild for Life” focuses on the illegal trade of wildlife and highlights the need for everyone to take action against this illegal trade. This year’s campaign is giving special attention to eight species in particular: orangutans, sea turtles, pangolins, rosewoods, helmeted hornbills, tigers, elephants and rhinos. 

World Forestry Day 21st March

World forestry day is celebrated worldwide annually on 21st March. This day commemorates the contribution and value of forests and forestry to the community. This year’s theme is "forests and water”. Focus is on raising awareness of how forests are key to the planet’s supply of freshwater, which is essential for life. 

\r\nAccess to Information in Africa Report: The case of Uganda

This report is based on the findings of a two year national research undertaken by Greenwatch on access to information in Uganda as part of the Access to Information in Africa (ATI) Project. The research was premised on the notion that access to information is one of the most important fundamental rights and freedoms and is essential for good governance, participatory democracy and sound development.